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We Have The Medical
We provide Bulk-Billing Radiology services
Saving Patients Money
Increase Patient Compliance And Outcomes With
Innate Radiology
Diagnostic Technology For Your Office
Easy and Affordable
Avoid Missing Crucial Pathologies That Could Lead To
Medical Negligence

Practitioner Benefits

Imagine offering your patients radiology services within your very own clinic, having qualified radiographers to assist you in capturing X-ray images and a team of medical radiologists at-the-ready to write up a full report.
Sound too good to be true?—Well, it’s not.
Innate Radiology can provide all of this – and more – at no extra cost to your patients. Innate Radiology bulk-bills Medicare allowing you and your patients to focus on what matters most: getting better.

Benefits Include

+ Valet Service: AHPRA approved radiographers ready to visit your office at the drop of a hat and take X-ray images the way you want them
+ Top-Tier Tech: The presence of Innate Radiology’s top of the line equipment within your own office enhances the professional atmosphere by letting patients know you are a comprehensive health practitioner.
+ Same-Day Delivery: You can scan, diagnose and treat on the same day.
+ Cut the Cost: Treatment can already be expensive for your patients, so why charge extra for diagnostic X-rays? If you use Innate Radiology we bulk-bill Medicare, so patients can spend less time worrying about price and more time focusing on getting healthier.
+ A Helping Hand: Know a medical radiologists’ report will always accompany your patients X-ray images, supporting your diagnosis and recommended course of action. Have extra confidence as a treating practitioner knowing that no pathology has been missed.